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Bobo The Bard's Thread: An Endless Cacophony

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1Bobo The Bard's Thread: An Endless Cacophony Empty Bobo The Bard's Thread: An Endless Cacophony on Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:35 pm

Hey, guys. Here is where I will post random updates on my writing progress. Some risk of ranting, so tread carefully! Here thar be PLOT HYDRAS.


Woo hoo! I just started free writing, and ended up writing 1256 words! ^_^

*Hugs QUESO bunny*

Ah, yes. The code name for my quack space opera plot bunny (titled Corsets And Laser Guns: An Eldritch Space Opera) is QUESO.

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2Bobo The Bard's Thread: An Endless Cacophony Empty Crap on Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:08 pm

I've been posting a lot of crappy updates on other forums, so I won't spam up the place by repeating it all here.

I think I need to start picking up the pace on writing again. Yes, I know it's not quite July, but I know I'm going to be crazy busy then. The way I see it, since I work full time, I can't always have the luxury of blocking off absolutely everything for a calendar month. I just have to work around it.

I still don't know what I'm working on. Whatever bites, I guess. =P

I am still trying to go through and outline whatever I decide to work on. I have a VERY loose framework for QUESO, my quack space opera. I envision four, maybe five seasons, with between 80-100 episodes total. Oh, and did I mention that QUESO would ideally be a graphic novel/comic? Yeah. It's very visual.

I only wish that I could draw well enough to do it, and that I knew the first thing about writing scripts for graphic novels/comics. As it is, I'm just writing snippet scenes down as and when I think of them. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have a framework done so that I can write things out of order and still pass off some semblance of credibility as an organized writer. XD

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