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Character Development Questions

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1Character Development Questions Empty Character Development Questions on Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:59 pm

Here are some helpful guiding questions that’ll help develop your character’s story. Keep in mind: this is by no means a complete list. Continue to ask yourself questions as you further develop your character, both before, during and after the writing process.

1. Who does your character aspire to be?
2. What helped develop this aspiration?
3. Does your character have other aspirations that clash with this one?
4. Who did your character grow up with
5. Did these people have a profound impact on his/her/its life?
6. Are these people still alive?
7. If they are, does your character like to visit them?
8. If not, does your character care?
9. What religion, if any, has your character chosen?
10. Did your character have a choice in this matter?
11. Does your character’s dogma affect the choices he/she/it makes?
12. Does your character have an education?
13. If so, how much?
14. How often does your character demonstrate this education?
15. Does your character know something most, if not all people do not?
16. Is this information personal, or private?
17. Does your character feel the need to be private?
18. Does your character interact well with others?
19. Does your character have a significant other?
20. Does your character want a significant other?
21. What was your character like as a child?
22. Have any of these traits carried on from childhood?
23. Does your character have any habits?
24. Does your character sing, whistle or hum out loud?
25. Does your character feel it is his/her/its duty to always speak freely?
26. Is your character subtle?
27. Does your character enjoy satire?
28. Does your character have a sense of humor?
29. What does your character desire, above all other things?
30. What is your character willing to do to get it?
31. Why has your character not yet gotten it?
32. Is your character doing something now to get that desire?
33. Is your character married?
34. Has your character been married?
35. Does your character have children?
36. Have any of them passed away?
37. Has your character ever been injured?
38. Has your character ever injured someone else?
39. Does your character care for others?
40. Does your character live alone?
41. If your character has a job, where does he/she/it work?
42. How long have they been working? If not working, why?
43. Does he/she/it like the job?
44. Does the choice of employment fit the personality of your character?
45. If not, why has your character chosen to work in this particular position?
46. What sort of clothes does your character wear?
47. Does the clothing represent a personality type, a work attire, or practical attire?
48. What makes this character a more desirable choice to read/create than other characters in the story?
49. Will the character do anything to evolve?
50. Will this evolution be a choice of the character, or will the evolution be forced?
51. In the end, will the character be pleased regarding the evolution?

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